Dear Two River Little League Community,

When I last wrote at the beginning of May, we officially canceled the 2020 Two River Little League season. I’m still not sure any of us have gotten over it.

While the current state of COVID is concerning at many different levels, we are optimistic that we will move forward with a season this spring. I want to make sure that all of you understand that we are not guaranteeing anything at this point, but we feel confident enough about the possibilities to begin meaningful planning.

On or about the 1st of February, we expect each of our 5 towns to begin registration for baseball. This is a month later than usual for most and will obviously lead to a condensed turn around period once signups are complete. While every town handles things a little differently, we expect that your registration will not be binding until we feel comfortable confirming the 2021 season is a go. In the same vein, if you have any leftover business resulting from last spring’s season cancelation, please contact them directly.

Once we get a little more momentum with the beginning of registration, I’ll circle back with other updates I would otherwise include in this letter, most typically around changes with TeamSnap, TRLL Directors, junior umpire signups, rule revisions, and the like.

I do think it would be prudent to give all of you a sense of our very tentative schedule this spring:

March: Coaches meeting on Monday 3/15, practice begins according to individual town regulation, SPRING BREAK (3/27ish-4/5ish, some earlier)

April: Season begins in earnest @4/6

May: If possible, Jersey Shore BlueClaws night on a Thursday, All-Star tryouts prior to Memorial Day Weekend (no games over the holiday weekend, 5/28-31)

June: Playoffs from 6/1-6/12, All-Stars begin typically either 6/18 or 6/25

Again, this timeline is meant to be helpful but is far from set in stone. Like everything else since last March, we will ask everyone to give us whatever flexibility you have left in your family schedule and souls! As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns as we move along.

In closing, we genuinely hope all of you and yours are well. And, given the events of this past Wednesday, may God bless America.

On Behalf of the TRLL Directors,

Chuck Jones, President