Dear Two River Little League Community –

We trust that this letter finds all of you well.

Given that there are already documented cases of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) within our TRLL community, we wanted to give you an update on where things stand with Two River Little League.

Typically, our 9-16-year old/3rd-8th graders (Rookie, Minors, Majors, & Junior divisions) are mandated to play 12 games during the regular season. As we have in past years, we planned to start around April 1st, and specifically to start the 2020 season on Tuesday, March 31st. For all but the Junior divisions, we begin with at least one “spring training” game, which means each is a real game but does not count towards the standings. Since spring break begins the third week of the season, the general rule is to have 2 games before the break and 10 games afterward. Our younger ages — Farm (1st grade) and Prospect (2nd grade) play 10 games and are scheduled to begin after spring break.

Further, TRLL has five town governments, seven school districts, three nonpublic schools, and one charter school, all making decisions about our children and facility use. While those groups will all generally agree on the best for our children, their timing may be different in doing so. We are hoping to provide some general guidance given how we operate within all of these entities.

Accordingly, Two River Little League:

  • Will post our anticipated schedule for Farm, Prospect, Rookie, Minors, and Majors this weekend at and through our growing TeamSnap platform. The Juniors schedule will be posted next week.
  • Encourages our towns and coaches to be thoughtful about the need for practice next week (the week starting March 16th)
  • Has canceled our league-wide coaches meeting on Monday, March 23rd.
  • Has asked Little League International officials whether, if necessary, we can waive our 12 game requirement. Should that become an option, TRLL would make a call no later than Friday, March 27th as to whether any games would be played prior to spring break (again, they would start on Tuesday, March 31st). The TRLL Board will obviously make a call in the interests of our community should we go down the path of requesting a waiver and it getting denied, but that would come with other ramifications with which we will hopefully not have to deal.

In short, let’s be ready to start on March 31st — albeit maybe with less practice next week — and if we have to start games after spring break, that’s what we will do. Please be mindful that any of our town recreation programs can make decisions for their own children that supersede TRLL’s, including canceling the season for their teams.

As always, please let us know if you have any concerns or questions. We will be back in touch no later than two weeks from tomorrow.


Chuck Jones

President, Two River Little League