Two River Little League Community –

As promised, we wanted to get back to you by May 1st. Just now (Thursday afternoon), Little League announced that it simply wasn’t feasible to run any of their tournaments this year – including the Little League World Series in August – because of logistics, health concerns, and travel issues. This includes regional tournaments as well. Obviously, this tears at all of us who love youth baseball….

We hadn’t expected Little League to make this call today, but we do have scheduled meetings for the District 19 presidents and the Two River LL board in the next 24 hours. While we tried to lay out all the potential options in our letter last week, we are now down to only a few variables before we make a final decision:

When can we start the season, and does it make sense at that point?

Will we have a district and/or state tournament that would lead to selecting an All Star team?

What is the appetite for all 5 of our communities to play baseball through June and possible later?

We will be considering all of these factors in the coming days. Please expect another update from us no later than early next week. Until then, stay safe and enjoy what looks to be great weather once we get to Saturday.


Chuck Jones

President, Two River Little League