Friends –

Just yesterday, we wrote you with an update on potential outcomes for Two River Little League given how the coronavirus is affecting life in our towns and our schools. In short, we explained that we would schedule for our planned opening on Tuesday, March 31st, but we would also be okay with pushing the opening games back.

Last night, Little League International reached out and asked all leagues to postpone operations with group activities – anything that may involve the gathering of individuals for games, practices, events, or meetings – until Monday, April 6th. We believe this is a prudent course of action and we will enforce it within TRLL.

Accordingly, Two River Little League:

  • Requires any team operating within our LLI charter to not practice as a group prior to April 6th, 2020.
  • Will redo the Majors schedule (5th & 6th grades) to allow for a “spring training” game on April 8th and then have ten games following spring break.
  • Will redo the Minors (4th grade) & Rookie (3rd grade) schedules to have no spring training games and play 99% of the games after spring break (there are approximately 3-5 games that do not fit in the condensed action following the break and will have to be scheduled by coach’s agreement).
  • Has tentatively rescheduled our league-wide Coaches meeting for Monday, April 6th @7:30 at Knights of Columbus in Fair Haven.
  • Will update all of you, as promised yesterday, no later than two weeks from today on Friday, March 27 to either reconfirm this plan or make appropriate changes to it.

Since Farm (1st grade) and Prospect (2nd grade) don’t begin until after spring break anyway, they will stay the same. We play in an interleague Juniors division with surrounding towns, so we will update on early next week once we have a better sense of how that will run.

We need to mention a few (more) things. First, we do not control USABL (or other) travel baseball programs, so travel team activity will be defined by those organizations (Canes, Dawgs, Diamonds, Thunder, etc.), USABL policy, and local town access to fields. Second, as mentioned yesterday, our participating towns have authority over their children that supersedes TRLL’s, and they may ultimately choose to handle the spring season differently than one another.

Most importantly, be safe and make sure to get outside and throw a baseball with your children these next few weeks.


Chuck Jones

President, Two River Little League