Two River Little League Community –

This is a sad day, albeit maybe not an unexpected one at this point. It certainly is harder to swallow on an afternoon with “play ball!” written all over it…..

The Two River Little League Board met last Thursday night and agreed that if local schools did not reopen for all children sometime before the end of their respective school years we would be obligated to cancel the 2020 TRLL season.

With Governor Murphy’s announcement yesterday that his executive order to keep “brick and mortar” schools shuttered would stay intact through 6/30, we are announcing that the 2020 Two River Little League season is canceled. Not every local little league will make a decision this soon or in this vein. However, because the vast majority of our fields are multisport, we have to give them (and the kids that play on them!) over to fall sports realistically by the start of August. Because we want to provide you with an opportunity to plan, and because we don’t know what July will ultimately look like nor whether it would make for a quality baseball experience, it feels right to get ahead of this now. We are hoping to work with our towns to allow for some July clinics – especially for our youngest children – so you may hear more from them in that regard if opportunities for organized outdoor activities become feasible by July. Additionally, your town will be in touch with you in the coming days about credits and the like.

We wish we could write something more comforting here, but frankly we are all upside down at this point. Just do us a few favors if you might: 1) take your child out for a throw today and be joyful while you do it, and 2) tell them a funny story about when you played organized sports at their age….let them understand that their next season – whatever the sport may be – might just make memories for a lifetime.

It will be worth the wait.

On behalf of the TRLL, stay safe and God bless.

Chuck Jones

President, Two River Little League